Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kitchen Tips

It has been a while since I blogged any kitchen tips, so let's fix that!

Perfectly Crisp Oven Fries

Bake potato wedges tend to have a thick, chewy crust instead of a light crispy one. The fix: Soak the raw cut-up spuds in hot water for 10 minutes, then pat dry before seasoning and baking. The water will remove surface starch and sugars that hinder the development of a thin, crispy crust.

The Secret Tender Bean Dishes

If your bean recipes never turn out as soft as you'd like, hold off on adding acidic ingredients (like tomatoes, vinegar, and wine) until after the beans have fully cooked. The acid reacts with the beans' starch and prevents them from swelling and becoming tender.

Grate Cheese With Ease

In terms of flavor, freshly grated mozzarella on pizza is hard to beat. If only the block of cheese didn't always stick to the grater and break into akward sized pieces. The save: lightly spray the grater with nonstick cooking spray first. The extra lubrication will allow the cheese to slide smoothly across the tool for perfect shreds.

Prevent Cheese From Drying Out

Cheddar was on sale this week, so you bought a huge block. How to keep it fresh until you can use it up? Spread a bit of butter on the cut sides. This will seal in the moisture so the cheese won't dry out in the fridge. (this works best with hard cheeses like cheddar, Edam, and Gouda)

Your Best Breakfast Biscuits Ever

If your buttermilk biscuits always crumble when you try to split them for sandwiches, try this: Roll out the dough half as thick as usual, then fold it over once. Cut out the biscuits and bake. The extra fold will ensure the biscuits split open easily when you're ready to serve.

Add THIS For Extra Creamy Omelettes

When making egg dishes, skip the milk and stir in a bit of mayonnaise instead. Milk solids burn at a low temperature, causing eggs to turn brown and dry out. But mayo's immulsion of oil, egg yolks, and vinegar will produce creamier, fluffier omelettes.

Stop Beets From Staining Hands

You love the flavor of roasted beets, If only the veggie didn't leave your fingers bright red after chopping. Prevent stains by spraying the hand that will be holding the beets with cooking spray. (Keep the knife hand dry to avoid slipping) The oil will form a dye-proof barrier between the beets and your hands.

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