Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Butter Bell

Looking for a Christmas gift for the foodie that has everything? How about a butter bell? What is a butter bell you ask? A butter bell is a ceramic crock that holds up to a stick of butter, submerged in cold water, so that you can store butter at room temperature, which is the perfect spreadable temperature. Never again will you tear a piece of toast with a rock hard slab of butter. When you take fresh bread and rolls out of the oven, you can slather them with soft, sweet butter. We won't even talk about freshly cooked vegetables.
This is definitely a great Christmas gift for those who like to cook and especially for those who like to eat. I'd like one myself!
Find out more about Butter Bell and www.butterbell.com. They have some great deals for the holidays including a free bell when you buy two and $5.99 flat rate shipping!

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