Sunday, November 27, 2011

Goodbye Easy Bake Oven

For those of us who's first experience in the kitchen was mixing up little packages of powdered cake mix and baking them under a scorching light bulb until we had a dried-out chocolate hockey puck, this is a sad time indeed.
Hasbro is doing away with the Easy Bake Oven that we all grew up with. It won't be gone completely, a more modern version with an actual heating element is on it's way, but will it be the same?
Millions of little girls remember the pride they felt as they spread a horrendous frosting on a little cake and presented it to our daddies with all the joy of a 5-star baker. It is sad that the next generation will miss out on this experience. Heck, not only is the oven going the way of the dinosaurs, but the government will be phasing out all 100 watt incandescent light bulbs next year also. So, even if you still have your prized Easy Bake, better stock up on a lifetime supply of bulbs or it will never produce another miniature delicacy.
Hopefully, little girls of today will turn out blue ribbon quality baked goods right in their bedrooms and will incur memories that will last a lifetime, who knows, maybe Hasbro will come out with a convection model next.

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