Saturday, September 19, 2009


Nothing makes my mouth water like the mention of the word oysters. I love them. I love them raw on the half shell (with a little fresh lemon and salt), baked with a little parmesean and spinach, steamed, cooked into a thick a satisfying stew, any way I can get them. Oysters are by far my favorite food.
In fact, my next vacation will be to the Acme Oyster House in New Orleans, LA to join the 15 dozen club. (this involves consuming 15 dozen oysters in two hours-a breeze!).
Is the "R" rule a myth? Yes it is. Eating oysters only in months with a "R" is a tradition that began before refrigeration enabled oyster lovers to indulge during warm weather months. As water temperatures rise, oysters spawn, which makes them less appetizing to purists but still perfectly safe to eat as long as the water quality is healthy.
I will be sharing some of my favorite oyster recipes shortly.

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