Saturday, September 19, 2009

Unraveling the mysteries of bottled water

Americans drinks tons of bottled water, but with all the different types out there, it can sometimes get a little confusing trying to tell the difference between them and knowing exactly what you are paying for. This primer will help alleviate some of the mystery.

Artesian water: This is water that comes from a confined, underground water source.
Spring water: This is water that come from an underground source that naturally flows to the surface.
Distilled water: This is water that has been evaporated and allowed to condense. This removes any minerals and contaminates. (This water is good for canning and fish tanks!)
Natural mineral water: contains only the minerals that were present in the water as it came from the ground. Check the label. If it does not say "natural mineral water", minerals may have been added or removed before bottling.
Drinking water: This is simply tap water that has been filtered and disinfected prior to bottling. This water may come from any municipal water supply.

Even thought there are positive reasons for purchasing bottled water, you have no guarantee of the purity of the water you are drinking. Bottled water is often high in sodium and low in flouride. Most times, you are better off (financially and healthwise) in purchasing a filter for your faucet and a reusable water bottle. You'll also keep the 1,500 plastic bottles that are thrown away every SECOND in this country out of the landfills.

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